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The Pediatric Critical Care Unit is a dedicated department in a hospital that provides critical care treatment to children up to the age of 17 yrs. Children who are critically ill or suffering from severe disease need pediatric critical care and thus treated in a PICU.
A neonatal intensive care unit is set up in hospitals to address the need of newborns requiring intensive care. The neonatal Critical Care Unit is a department in a hospital where treatment is provided to critically ill newborn babies or premature babies.
The trauma and Neuro Critical Care Unit of the hospital are for critically ill neuro patients. If the person is suffering from a critical neuro disease, he/she will require Trauma and Neuro Critical Care.
The patients who require surgery are treated in the Surgical Critical Care Department of the hospital. The SICU of the hospital is well equipped with the latest equipment.
A person suffering from severe heart disease requires cardiac critical care. Children and adults with congenital or severe heart disease are supervised and supported in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.
The discipline of child neurology encompasses diseases and disorders of the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nervous system (PNS), autonomic nervous system (ANS), muscles, and blood vessels that affect individuals in these age groups.
Endocrinology is the science that studies glands and the effects of the hormones. Problems seen by pediatric endocrinologists are often quite different from those commonly seen by endocrinologists for adults.
Immunization (vaccination) is a way to create immunity to (protection from) some diseases.
Vaccines are products that are usually given in childhood to protect against serious, often deadly diseases.
Our pediatric dentists are experienced in handling the unique dental needs of kids, from preventive care to treatment of dental issues.
Children often face emotional and psychological challenges that require specialized support. Manjeet Children’s Hospital in Jaipur has a Child Psychologist department focused on nurturing young minds and addressing their mental health needs.
Digestive problems in children can be challenging to diagnose and manage. That’s why Manjeet Children’s Hospital in Jaipur has a specialized Pediatric Gastroenterology department. Our team of gastroenterologists is experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of gastrointestinal issues in children.
Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric oncologists, hematologists, and support staff work together to provide comprehensive care. We understand the unique challenges of treating children with cancer, and our goal is to provide effective treatment while maintaining the highest quality of life for your child.

The DMICC Hospital is 100 bedded tertiary care referral hospital dedicated to critically ill newborns, children and adults. DMICC hospital is located in Vidyadhar nagar, Jaipur.

DMICC hospital is clean, efficient, patient-centric, affordable and accessible. The innovative design of the hospital, from its manageable size to its advanced technology, is focused on creating a positive experience for patients


Plot 14, Sector 10, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur (India)