Surgical & Medical Critical Care

MICU and SICU Department at DMICC

What are SICU and MICU?

SICU refers to the surgical intensive care unit. SICU is a dedicated department in the hospital that delivers intensive care service to patients who require surgery and postsurgical care.

MICU stands for Medical Intensive Care Unit. It is a specialized department that aims and strive to serve healthcare facilities to the person who is severely ill and requires intensive medical care.The MICU department provides excellent patient-centric care and ensures frequent monitoring and ventilation needs.

Is Surgical Intensive Care Unit serious?

Yes, the surgical intensive care unit is serious as patients who are admitted suffer from critical illness and require high-end intensive care. The patients who had complex surgery or require comprehensive care pre or post surgeries are admitted to the surgical intensive care unit of the hospital.

Who is admitted to the Surgical intensive care unit?

Following are some cases when a person is admitted to the SICU

  • A person who had a complex surgery and requires intensive care postsurgery is admitted to SICU.
  • In a high-risk delivery situation, the patient is admitted to the surgical intensive care unit
  • If a person had organ transplantation or need surgery for that then he/she might require surgical intensive care
  • If a person suffers from acute surgical illness like strangulated hernia or burst appendix then they might be admitted to SICU.
  • If a person suffers from a severe shock or cardiac arrest then he/she may require intensive care at SICU

Who is admitted to Medical intensive care unit(MICU)

The person who is diagnosed with severe/critical disease and needs intensive care is admitted to the medical intensive care unit. In some cases, the patient in ICU can be referred to SICU if they need surgery to get rid of the disease.

 Some of the common cases for which a patient needs treatment at MICU as follows:

  • Blood infections
  • Cancer problems
  • Diseases of the blood
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Lung problems

Facilities offered at the Sicu & Micu.

Here are the facilities that are offered at the surgical intensive care unit & medical intensive care unit of the hospital.

  • A postoperative management strategy for surgical oncology patients
  • Treatment of patients with short-term or prolonged respiratory needs, including non-invasive ventilation
  • The CRRT facility
  • The care of sick neutropenic patients
  • Safer, more effective ultrasound-guided procedures
  • Multi-parameter high-end monitoring and treatment
  • Management of postoperative pain with multimodal analgesia including PCA pumps
  • Provides tertiary care support to critically ill patients.
  • Ventilator support.  

Similarities between MICU and SICU

The following are the similarities in MICU and SICU

  • Both the medical intensive care unit and surgical intensive care unit of the hospital are equipped with the latest and modern technologies or equipment for treatment. 
  • The MICU, as well as SICU, deliver comprehensive and intensive care to critically ill patients. 
  • The team of expert and experienced doctors, physicians, and nurses delivers the healthcare services in MICU and SICU.  

What is the difference between the Medical intensive care unit and the surgical intensive care unit?

The following are the points that give you a basic idea of MICU and SICU




It stands for medical intensive care unit.

SICU stands for surgical intensive care unit

Patients with severe medical conditions are treated here.

SICU takes care of people who need complex surgeries or require intensive care after surgeries.


Why choose DMICC hospital for SICU&MICU treatment?

DMICC is the best SICU and MICU hospital in Jaipur, providing comprehensive care to the patients. All the intensive care units of the DMICC hospital are well designed and equipped with the latest technological equipment and we strictly adhere to the prescribed guidelines and protocols.

Following are the reasons that make DMICC hospital an ideal choice for surgical intensive care & medical intensive care units services.

  • Dedicated team of experts:- At DMICC, we have experienced and skilled surgeons, doctors, anesthesiologists, and nurses to deliver high-end care to patients at the surgical intensive care unit or MICU unit.
  • Advance and the latest technology:- The surgical intensive care unit & medical intensive care unit at DMICC hospital is well equipped with all the latest and advanced equipment to treat patients in the best way possible. 
  • 24*7 healthcare services:- Shed away your worries in an emergency as we are always open to reach you.
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit :- At DMICC hospital, we have a dedicated medical intensive care unit for the patients who require intensive care. 
  • Best Nursing:-  In intensive care, patients need 24 hours observation so our nurses always keep an eye on patients’ health and update doctors.
  • High-end care:- The SICU and MICU at DMICC hospital always deliver high-end and comprehensive care to every patient who is admitted to SICU.
  • Neat and clean environment:- We know that hygiene should be the best in the surgical and medical intensive care unit thus we focus on infection-free and a neat and clean environment in the hospital.
  • Ambulance Services : – Ambulance service is also provided by the DMICC hospital to the patients. Our ambulances are well equipped and always have a general doctor in them.
  • Surgical Intensive care Unit :- The DMICC hospital has a dedicated surgical intensive care unit for the patients who need intensive care after or before surgery.

At any cost, life should not be risked due to ignorance and careless attitude toward health.If you suspect any unusual severe illness or prolonged health issues consult our specialized and dedicated team of experts at DMICC for critical care treatment.

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