Trauma Critical Care

What is a Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU)?

The trauma intensive care unit is a specialized unit of the hospital that delivers high intensive care facilities to the people who suffer from chronic trauma. The trauma center at DMICC hospital is well equipped with all the latest and advanced technology so that the best care can be given to the patients. The patients who are admitted to trauma care centers require high-end intensive care. That’s why considered as the best trauma center in Jaipur

 Types of trauma are treated in Trauma ICU?

The following are the trauma/emergency cases that are treated at the trauma intensive care unit of the hospital

  • Cardiac Trauma

Cardiac trauma is a situation that is related to the heart of the body. A person who suffers from stroke trauma, heart injury, heart failure, and many other complex heart diseases needs immediate treatment and intensive care at the trauma care unit of the hospital. 

  • Neuro Trauma

Neurotrauma is related to the spine and brain of the body. Brain injury, brain hemorrhage, spine injury, and other severe neuro diseases that need intensive care are treated at the trauma intensive care unit of the hospital.

  • Vascular Trauma

Vascular trauma is a condition in which a blood vessel of the body sustains some kind of injury because of accidents or any other cause. All the vascular trauma cases are treated at the Trauma ICU of the hospital.

  • Orthopedic Trauma

Orthopedic trauma as the name suggests refers to injuries to bone or muscles of the body. Orthopedic trauma to a person can be caused due to road accidents, injury during playing sport, serious falls, or many other causes. All the orthopedic trauma is treated at the intensive center of the hospital.

  • General Trauma

General trauma to a person can happen to any part of the body. Road accidents, injuries due to fire, and many other factors cause general trauma to a person. General trauma needs to be treated at the trauma intensive care unit.

Why does one need TICU services?

Here are some of the cases where a person is admitted to the intensive trauma unit

  • If a person is suffering from heart trauma then he/she must require intensive TICU care.
  • Injuries in road accidents may require high-end intensive care and can cause admission to a trauma care hospital
  • Blunt force trauma to a person needs care at trauma intensive care of the hospital
  • Serious falls can cause many injuries to a person and that may need immediate treatment. 
  • Gunshot & stab wounds to a person can cause admission to a trauma care hospital. 
  • If a person suffers from traumatic brain injuries then he or she must require immediate treatment thus need to be admitted to the trauma ICU of the hospital

Why is DMICC the best hospital for trauma center in Jaipur ?

Following are some of the reasons that make us stand out as one of the best TICU Hospitals in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

  • Best intensive care services

DMICC has a well-equipped TICU with a team of experienced doctors at the hospital that delivers the best intensive care services to the patients

  • Affordability

Treatment for all types of trauma is affordable and cost-friendly at DMICC hospital. The ICU cost at the hospital is affordable so that everyone can get the best trauma treatment. 

  • 24*7 healthcare service

24×7 healthcare facilities are delivered by our healthcare professionals so that the right treatment can be provided at the right time.

  • Dedicated Team of experts

At DMICC hospital, we have a team of expert cardiologists, neurologists  orthopedic doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and nurses to deliver the best healthcare services to the patients

  • Advance and latest technologies

All the ICUs at DMICC hospital are well equipped with the latest & advanced technological equipment to deliver the best treatment of all chronic/severe diseases.

  • Dedicated department

At DMICC hospital we have dedicated ICUs and departments such as PICU, CICU, NICU, MICU, etc. to treat different diseases and trauma.

  • Ambulance services

Ambulances at  DMICC hospital are equipped with modern technology and a general doctor so that basic and immediate treatment can be given to the patient.

  • All under one roof

All the radiological and medical room facilities are available at the DMICC hospital. So, one need not go to any other place for critical care services.

  • Nursing Services

We are very well aware that the patient in the intensive care unit needs 24×7 attention. At DMICC hospital we deliver 1:1 nursing services to the patients and known as the best trauma center in Jaipur.

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