Cardiac Critical Care

What is a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)?

The cardiac intensive care unit (CICU)  is a specialized department in the hospital that delivers health care services to people with critical coronary heart diseases. In the cardiac intensive care unit, a dedicated team of experienced cardiologists, doctors, and nurses are always available to attend to the needs of patients with intensive cardiac conditions.

The cardiac intensive care unit is equipped with the latest and advanced technology equipment such as ventilator support, CPAP system, BPAP system, etc. The CICU department at DMICC is dedicated to providing comprehensive and patient-oriented care. That’s why considered as the best cardiac ICU hospital in Jaipur.

Who is admitted to cardiac ICU?

There are many possible causes of heart diseases for which a person requires a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Following are some of the condition that needs CICU services:

  • If a person requires coronary bypass surgery then he or she may be referred to cardiac ICU. 
  • Acute heart failure to a person makes him or her get treatment at the cardiovascular intensive care unit.
  • Coronary heart disease requires cardiac intensive care.
  • Congenital heart disease is also a reason for the admission to CICU 
  • Severe arrhythmia patients require cardiac intensive care. 

What are the treatments offered in cardiac intensive care units?

Treatment for many intensive cardiac conditions is offered at cardiac ICU. Following are some treatments offered at the intensive coronary care unit:

  • Treatment for heart attack: – A heart attack is the most common condition which requires intensive cardiac care.
  • Treatment for congenital heart disease:- Our critical cardiac units are fully enabled to provide treatment for congenital heart diseases.
  • Heart transplant: – Heart transplant surgery is a high-end intensive cardiac surgery. 
  • Surgical treatment:- Surgical treatment associated with cardiac care is provided at DMICC Hospital.


Why is DMICC the best  Cardiac ICU Hospital in Jaipur?

The following points tell you that DMICC hospital is the best for cardiac intensive care.

  • The cardiac care unit at DMICC is well equipped with the latest and advanced technologies equipment to deliver comprehensive cardiac care to patients.
  • DMICC hospital has a team of the best and most experienced cardiac intensivists.
  • DMICC Hospital provides 24*7 health care facilities for intensive cardiac conditions.
  • All the facilities such as imaging or radiology services, medical stores, etc are at DMICC hospital. 
  • DMICC Hospital’s ICU on-wheel service is an effort toward providing the best intensive care to patients. 
  • To provide the best care, DMICC hospital regularly monitors patient health.
  • The cardiac intensive care unit at DMICC is focused to deliver round-the-clock monitoring and comprehensive care to patients with cardiac disease. 
  • We at DMICC hospital follow all the guidelines and protocols provided by the health minister of India. 


Frequently asked questions about Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Q.1. Who is a cardiac Intensivist?

A cardiologist is a person who delivers the treatment to patients with critical heart diseases.

 Q.2. After how many days do patients get discharged from the cardiac intensive care unit?

The stay of the patient in the cardiac ICU depends on the disease he/she has and the treatment they were offered.

Q.3. Does every heart disease need CICU services?

No, every heart disease does not require a CICU treatment, it can be treated with medication and therapies.

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